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Glassy Surface

Welcome to the Glassy Surface RPG. This RPG is based on the Sailor Moon Universe and will follow our own storyline. For those unfamiliar with an RPG of this sort we play on a guestbook.  Each person is responsible for their characters actions and respond to situations and other characters accordingly. Please visit other areas of the website to learn the storyline, characters, and other information....




For those of you unaware of what a gamemaster does, gamemasters control the settings (weather, time, etc...) and are responsible for overseeing all of the posts and informing people when they are disobeying the rules, etc....they are the absolute authority on everything....



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Which goddess are you? Brought to you by Unknown Brushes


everybody is just a stranger
but thats the danger in going my own way
I guess its a price I have to pay
still everything happens for a reason
is no reason not to ask yourself if you are
living it right

this glassy surface...

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